The NTT DATA EDI Integration Platform visualized with the JOUBINI octopus

Seamless business partner & system integration

From classic EDI, to E-Invoicing, WebEDI, and Customs Integration – a full-service platform that makes electronic data interchange easy

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JOUBINI – one central cloud-based platform 

Discover the key benefits for all integration scenarios

JOUBINI is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform for the integration of business partners, systems, and public authorities. The solution can realize all integration requirements for the exchange of electronic messages and supports all EDI formats and protocols (any-to-any-integration) such as EDIFACT, VDA, TRADACOMS, ANSI X12, PlainText, XML, and CSV.

Glowy symbol representing EDi managed services with EDI integration platform Joubini

EDI managed services

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SaaS-cloud solution

Glowy symbol representing the end-to-end know-how and full-service of EDI integration platform Joubini

End-to-end know how

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In addition to the classic B2B/EDI necessities for connecting customers and suppliers, we offer a variety of other integration scenarios for any interface requirements: WebEDI, integration with public authorities through certified interfaces such as ATLAS or ELSTER-ERiC, e-invoice integration for over 20 countries, IoT sensor integration, connection to supplier portals and webshops, and many more.

Product details

A highly scalable, full-service integration platform

JOUBINI stands for state-of-the-art EDI, transparent monitoring, and user-friendly interfaces

A screenshot of business monitoring with EDI Integration Platform Joubini

Keep an eye on your business processes

JOUBINI covers all of your EDI requirements and comes with a powerful monitoring functionality. The business monitoring tool offers an easy-to-use intuitive content search for EDI messages based on required information of the business processes. JOUBINI ensures transparency by providing document-specific search options, such as by purchase order, article, or invoice number. Once cryptic EDI messages can now be retrieved and downloaded as PDFs.

Screenshot of a EDI Integration Platform Joubini scenario graph

Efficiency, experience, and transparency

The canonical mapping concept with a library of over 15,000 standard mappings and partner profiles serves for connecting your business partners from all sectors. This way, thanks to our 20+ years of experience, you profit from fast integration processes, short RAMP times, and maximum efficiency.

The NTT DATA EDI Integration Platform visualized with the JOUBINI octopus
Company logo of the customer Ruegenwalder Muehle, who relies on the EDI Integration Platform JOUBINI by NTT DATA
Bernd Wilken
Information Technology, Rügenwalder Mühle Carl Müller GmbH & Co. KG
Thanks to JOUBINI*, we can implement a quick and efficient connection with existing and new business partners.
Company logo of the customer BETTE, who relies on the EDI Integration Platform JOUBINI by NTT DATA
Robert Jahn
IT EDI-Service, Bette
With the use of JOUBINI*, we benefit from a full-service concept that relieves employees and creates space for value-adding activities. We take care of our customer concerns at a new pace.
Company logo of the customer Stockmeier Group, who relies on the EDI Integration Platform JOUBINI by NTT DATA
Rouwen Björn Goese
Head of Customer IT Solutions, STOCKMEIER Group
NTT DATA Business Solutions offered the right solution for our complex requirements – JOUBINI* as an integration platform between SAP and OPC-UA-supported production control enables stable operation of the systems.

*Editorial change with regard to the changed product name


Get your answers about our integration platform in a nutshell:

Which backend systems can be connected to JOUBINI?

JOUBINI works with any SAP system as well as with any other (non-SAP) ERP system like Microsoft, proALPHA, etc.

Which integration scenarios can be implemented with JOUBINI?

With JOUBINI you can implement any integration scenario, such as classic B2B/EDI to connect any customers, supplier integration with WebEDI, E-Invoicing for more than 20 countries, integration to Customs and to over 150 CEP providers, as well as IoT integration.

How is JOUBINI operated and who is monitoring the system?

JOUBINI is operated in two of NTT DATA’s proprietary and certified data centers in Germany. The active EDI monitoring is carried out by an international and highly experienced team from NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Which countries are covered by JOUBINI in the e-invoice area?

With JOUBINI we cover more than 20 countries in the default of our cloud-based integration platform. More countries will be added in the coming months in accordance with the rollout plans for each respective country.

Can different backend systems be connected to JOUBINI at the same time?

Yes, with JOUBINI, different and multiple backend systems can be integrated simultaneously. This enables centralized data exchange for a company that uses additional or different ERP systems at different locations.

What does "full service" mean in the context of EDI?

With JOUBINI, we offer our customers a cloud-based and central integration platform, which is operated by NTT DATA Business Solutions as a full service. This includes active monitoring, implementation of new interfaces, adjustments on existing interfaces and comprehensive support for the entire system. Feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

What are the costs for JOUBINI?

JOUBINI’s very transparent pricing model is consumption-based and starts at a very low price point. The costs for our modular solution vary depending on your individual needs and the respective number of consumption metrics. Feel free to contact us to discuss your individual options.

The NTT DATA EDI Integration Platform visualized with the JOUBINI octopus

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