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At JOUBINI, we have a deep commitment to excellence and reliability. Offering you an extensive solution tailored to fit your individual EDI needs, we draw from over 20 years of industry expertise. The result? Over 15,000 standard mappings and partner profiles for a seamless any-to-any integration of your business partners.

Namesake Joubini octopus - it represents intelligent, fast and versatile electronic data exchange for our EDI Integration Platform

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Inspired by the speed, intelligence, and versatility of an octopus, JOUBINI represents and combines the best functionalities of a future-proof integration platform. JOUBINI can meet any EDI integration need and scenario for your business.

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Discover the future-proof technology

Parallel to its namesake, JOUBINI stands out through intelligence and speed. The solution is highly adaptable and able to integrate your business partners with any EDI format and protocol. As a full-service cloud-based integration platform, JOUBINI is a true multi-tasking talent.

The history of JOUBINI

Starting in 2001, on the basis of SAP NetWeaver XI, the first converters and adapters for electronic data interchange for formats such as EDIFACT and VDA and the connection of protocols such as X.400 and OFTP were built. 2007 saw the first customer for the EDI Managed Service offering in the context of the growing demand for an EDI solution in a full-service environment based on SAP NetWeaver PI in the datacenter of NTT DATA Business Solutions (“Shared PI”).

At this time, mapping libraries were already being set up as part of a canonical mapping concept. As the number of customers grew, the EDI software established itself under the name it.x-change until the solution was finally sold to SAP as an SAP B2B add-on in 2011.

Based on the existing and growing expertise in the EDI environment, a new, completely independent EDI solution was developed starting in 2012: The birth of it.x-EDIconnect.

With the growing requirements and demand from customers for an EDI solution that connects to Customs, integrates CEP service providers, scale adapters, etc., the offering under it.x-EDIconnect was constantly evolving.

2015 sees the replacement of the “Shared PI” with the birth of it.x-EDIcloud, a full-service integration solution in the company’s proprietary certified data center located in Germany. Global advances in, for instance, IoT and standardization movements for e-invoicing, lead to constant further development and expansion of the EDI software offering.

The result nowadays: A state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform in the full-service that makes EDI possible for any format, any platform, and any business – JOUBINI Integration Platform.

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All data formats supported

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Independent of your ERP system 

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Browser-based business monitoring

Meet the dedicated team behind JOUBINI

Oliver Schoeps Sales Director for JOUBINI EDI Integration Platform

Oliver Schöps

Sales Director NTT Products Germany

Rita Dillmann Senior Product Manager for JOUBINI EDI Integration Platform

Dr. Rita Dillmann

Head of Product Support & Operations

Nico Bredenbals Senior Product Manager for JOUBINI EDI Integration Platform

Nico Bredenbals

Head of Product Engineering

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