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Nowadays, a classic B2B/EDI connection is no longer a technical challenge. While there are many providers offering such EDI converters, there are significant differences when it comes to costs and quality regarding monitoring, interfaces, and supported formats. An EDI software that can cover everything is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Then what is the solution?

NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed JOUBINI, a user-friendly platform for the integration of business partners, systems, and public authorities that can realize all EDI requirements and formats.

Integration scenarios include B2B/EDI, WebEDI, E-Invoicing, as well as the integration to CEP service providers, with public authorities through certified interfaces such as ATLAS or ELSTER-ERiC, interfaces to various supplier portals & webshops, and to IoT sensors.


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Overview of the EDI integration platform Joubini and the EDI scenarios that it's able to cover
Cover of the EDI Integration Platform Joubini Solution Brief

Business integration with a full-service EDI platform

Our solution offers fast and secure integration of your business cases. JOUBINI works as a full-service, cloud-based platform that can be used for all EDI processes independently of the ERP system. Due to its modular structure and scalable price model, JOUBINI provides maximum transparency in costs. With several certifications and standardized processes, we offer maximum security for your data in our own datacenters in Germany. See for yourself, download our solution brief!


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One solution, many integration scenarios

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One cloud-based platform for any B2B/EDI scenario


All integration requirements for connecting customers and suppliers can be realized. JOUBINI supports any type of data format, such as EDIFACT, VDA, TRADACOMS, ANSI X12 and any protocols such as AS2, X.400, OFTP2, HTTPS, etc. In our own SAP- and ISO-certified data centers in Germany, we offer the highest security standards and 24/7 availability.


Man working on a tablet representing e-invoicing requirements for Zugpferd, Peppol and others with EDI integration platform Joubini
ZUGFeRD, Peppol, and any other e-invoicing requirements

JOUBINI E-Invoicing

Starting with the mandatory changeover in the B2G area regarding electronic invoicing, there will be a number of changes for B2B/B2C. JOUBINI already covers the technical requirements for more than 20 countries via one central cloud-based platform with a direct SAP integration. No matter if you need ZUGFeRD in Germany, PEPPOL in Nordics, or a KSeF integration in Poland, JOUBINI got you covered.


Modern visualization of cloud computing representing WebEDI supplier integration scenarios with EDI integration platform Joubini
Supplier integration made easy


With JOUBINI, all business partners can conduct standardized EDI without costly implementation projects. It is integrated seamlessly into your existing EDI system, keeping your processes the same. The solution integrates all of your suppliers no matter their size – made possible via a customizable and powerful browser-based portal: JOUBINI WebEDI.


Wind turbine on hill with sunset representing internet of things integration with EDI integration platform Joubini
Exchanging mass data of your IoT sensors

JOUBINI IoT Integration

Our full-service cloud platform enables the integration of IoT sensors via the protocols MQTT und OPC UA. JOUBINI takes on the task of collecting, processing and writing back data for your IoT devices, ensuring efficient and state-of-the-art IoT connectivity.

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A DHL Delivery van symbolizes the over 150 CEP and transportation service providers who are connected to EDI Integration Platform JOUBINI
EDI with CEP and transportation service providers

JOUBINI CEP Integration

Together with our shipping logistics solutionTAMOYA, JOUBINI is the future-proven, cloud-based EDI integration platform for the connection to over 150 CEP and transportation service providers. With this dynamic duo, you are not only seamlessly connected but also able to conduct EDI in all formats like EDIFACT, FORTRAS, XML and all standard EDI protocols.

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Foreign trade via container ship, airplane or carrier - EDI Integration Platform Joubini supports in german custom's processes
AES 3.0 certified

JOUBINI Customs Integration

JOUBINI Customs Integration is the solution for SAP GTS to connect to German Customs. JOUBINI supports you in electronic data exchange with German Customs and assures that all your export data is transferred smoothly. The ATLAS integration of our software is certified in accordance with AES 3.0. Next to the ATLAS integration, JOUBINI Customs also supports DMS Integration for Denmark.

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Glowy symbol representing the Software as a service and integration with EDI integration platform Joubini

Any-to-any integration

Glowy symbol representing certified solution EDI integration platform Joubini

Certified solution

Glowy symbol representing the end-to-end know-how and full-service of EDI integration platform Joubini


JOUBINI supports EDI for all formats and protocols. For this, over 15,000 standard mappings are available by default for all common business processes, such as purchase orders, bills of delivery, invoices, and credit memos.

From B2B/EDI & E-Invoicing to WebEDI & IoT Integration: Learn how industry leaders excel with JOUBINI

Oliver Schoeps Sales Director for JOUBINI EDI Integration Platform
Oliver Schöps
Sales Director NTT Products Germany 

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